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Plane Facts

Airplane Selection

Target markets and frequencies are determined through traffic analysis and route/schedule planning. The startup airline is now positioned to select the appropriate airplane. Included here is basic airplane data a startup-airline can use to make a preliminary aircraft selection and complete a compelling business plan.

Interactive Aircraft Comparator

Interactive Aircraft Comparator: You will be able to compare ranges, interior floor plans and aircraft characteristics for all the current production Boeing airplanes and out of production passenger models.

Passenger Airplanes
Passenger Airplanes:
Review exterior views, interior layouts, cross-sections, characteristics, flight deck, performance, payload/range, and economic cost data for all the current production Boeing airplanes and out-of-production models.

Airplane Support
Airplane support:
Learn more about Boeing global customer support, including spares & logistics support, maintenance and engineering services, fleet enhancements and modifications, and flight operations support.

Explore the Boeing image gallery, including photos of all Boeing airplanes, as well as screen savers, virtual tours and more.

Freighter Airplanes:
Review exterior views, interior arrangements, cross section, lower hold, characteristics & performance summary, payload-range capability, range capability, economics, flight deck for all in-production, conversion, in-development, and out-of-production Boeing freighters.

Cargo pallet
Learn more about the pallets and containers used to carry cargo on-board large Boeing aircraft, including specific designations, dimensions, descriptions and visuals.