StartupBoeing - Airplane Sourcing

Airplane Sourcing

Selecting the optimal airplane based on market, network plan, traffic estimates, interior layout, economics, and performance requirements is a good start. But now the airline entrepreneur must source the airplane. Decisions must be made about lease-versus-buy and new-versus-used. Airplane availability may be a challenge. Such factors may drive the airplane selection or even change the business model.


An important first step in sourcing the airplane is to consider financing options. The two most common methods of financing airplanes are direct purchase and operating lease.

Buying New-Production Airplanes

Depending on current production line availability, financing, business plan, and desired launch date, a startup airline may consider purchasing a new production airplane.

Leasing New or Used Airplanes

Boeing works with major airplane leasing companies worldwide. StartupBoeing is able to match qualified startup airlines with Boeing's leasing partners

Lease Rates

Boeing does not regularly track airplane market lease rates. However, a range of lease rates can be provided to qualified startup airlines.

Buying Third Party Used Airplanes

Through Boeing's internal Trading Floor, qualified startup airlines can be matched with third party sellers/lessors of used airplanes. Other sources of used airplane availability include: