Boeing Technology Services -- Applied Simulation Engineering (ASE)

Real-time, high-fidelity engineering simulations bring systems, operators, and the operational environment together for the first time to facilitate efficient, effective product development.

Real-time, high-fidelity engineering simulations

We partner with you throughout the program life cycle to support product design and development, system integration, production, and user training. Rigorous testing early in the product development phase reduces risk in programs that involve large-scale systems integration. Hardware-in-the-loop and real-time operator-in-the-loop testing ensures that designs meet functional and operational requirements before fabrication of production-level hardware and integration of software systems. Modeling the system and subsystems allows evaluation of functionality, performance, and interoperability early in the design process, when changes can be incorporated cost effectively.

ASE uses a disciplined approach to achieve optimum accuracy in testing and analysis while controlling cost to the customer.

Testing capabilities include:


  • Flight simulation laboratories
  • Simulation development environment
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
    • 200-microsecond frame time
  • Aircraft simulations and flight visualization