Boeing Technology Services - Low-Speed Aeroacoustic Facility

The Low Speed Aero Acoustic Facility (LSAF) measures noise in simulated flight conditions.

Boeing Technology Services can facilitate access to unique acoustics test

Boeing Technology Services can facilitate access to unique acoustics test facilities such as our Low Speed Aero Acoustic Facility which is suitable for scale model testing. Our expert staff is skilled at certifying that aircraft comply with governmental community noise standards, demonstrating compliance with customer noise guarantees, and evaluating new treatments to reduce community and cabin noise.

The LSAF offers an excellent environment for measuring noise and performance of aircraft model propulsion simulators, powered nacelles, airframes and other components. This facility became operational in 1989 at Boeing Plant II in Seattle. Since that time it has been continuously operated for scale model testing of airframes, fan inlet and jet noise suppressors.

LSAF Characteristics:


  • 9 by 12 ft open jet test section (Mach .25)
  • 7 by 10 ft (Mach .32)
  • Instrumentation: 330 pressure channels and 100 temperature channels
  • Advanced, six-component balance
  • Simulated flight conditions up to 200 mph


A 10,000-hp fan-drive system powers the LSAF, sending airflow past silencers, through a settling chamber, and into our large anechoic chamber. The effect is a noise floor at least 10dB lower at most frequencies than any other wind tunnel in the world. With the low background noise levels, you can acquire data uncontaminated by competing background noise sources

We can simultaneously conduct noise and performance testing in the LSAF. Our advanced six-component balance can measure forces up to 6000 lb with an accuracy of 0.1%. Propulsion models on our powered turntable can be tested up to an angle of attack of 37°. Our high speed pressure scanning equipment and near real-time info rmation-handling system make it possible for us to run models with as many as 400 channels of pressure and temperature instrumentation.

The LSAF's large Anechoic chamber can also be used for experiments requiring low ambient noise and a free-field environment.

We can offer several workhorse test rigs powered by compressed air and propane to our customers interested in propulsion system noise testing at the LSAF. For example, a High temperature dual-flow Jet Exhaust Simulator equipped with boundary layer control can be used for measuring and evaluating jet exhaust noise of a given customer configuration.

The LSAF facility also offers Jet-airframe interaction testing and other Special Techniques.

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