Boeing Technology Services -- Aerodynamics, Noise and Propulsion

Aerodynamics, Noise & Propulsion

For the highest confidence in your test results, Boeing Aerodynamics, Noise & Propulsion facilities accommodate a wide variety of test articles, including full-scale components and products, as well as scale models. Our specialized laboratories include wind tunnel, noise test, nozzle test, and fuel- and firesystems test facilities. Our multi-disciplinary technical personnel can bring the test capability to you for on-site measurements and field testing.

We provide end-to-end, full-service test capabilities and can help you design your testing program -- from choosing the right facility and equipment to developing test procedures, collecting data, and analyzing results.

Wind tunnel

Testing capabilities include:

Wind tunnels

Mobile Test Services

Wind Tunnel
  • Airplane interior noise measurement
  • FAA noise certification
  • Airport ramp noise measurement
  • Phased array microphone systems
  • Fire extinguishing system certification

Test Chambers

Other Test Services

  • Experimental hardware design and fabrication (including wind tunnel models)
  • Flow visualization
  • Flow field surveys
  • Pressure-sensitive paint technology