Boeing Technology Services -- Aerodynamics

Transonic Wind Tunnel

The Boeing Transonic Wind Tunnel delivers continuous flow from Mach 0.3 up to Mach 1.1.

Transonic Wind Tunnel
  • Test section: 8 ft by 12 ft with 2 ft corner fillets (14.5 ft long)
  • Dynamic pressure range: 0 to 840 lb/ft
  • Stagnation temperature (TT) controllable 80°F to 130°F. Nominal is 100°F
  • Dew point is controllable. +3°F or lower
  • Reynolds Number varies with Mach. 4.386 million/ft at M=1.1 and TT=100°F
  • Sting, swept strut, plate, and floor mountings
  • Internal and external balances
  • Electronic pressure scanning up to 1536 ports and an inventory of EPS modules of appropriate load capacity
  • Qualitative and quantitative flow imaging tools
  • An airflow calibration facility is available for calibration of ducts, flow-thru nacelles, and powered nacelles

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