Boeing Technology Services - Aerodynamics

Subsonic Wind Tunnel - 9 x 9 Ft.

Subsonic wind tunnel

The 9x9 Propulsion Wind Tunnel is a non-return, induction-type facility. The test section is:
Nominally 9 by 9 feet in cross section by 14 feet long. Velocities range from 0 to 200 knots with stagnation conditions of sea level atmospheric. Typical models tested include engine intakes, nozzles, small engines or powered vehicles, aerodynamic half models and thrust reversers.

The wind tunnel is primarily set up for inlet and aerodynamic testing, but is easily adapted to nonstandard models. A wall-mounted model pitch and translation system will accept either a sting mounted model or a large ducted inlet model. Inlet or duct suction through the pitch system is provided by a turbojet engine located outside the wind tunnel.

Aerodynamic and thrust reverser testing are usually accomplished with a half model attached to an external six-component air blowing balance. The balance includes a yaw table the provides 360 degrees of motion.

The tunnel has extensive photographic and video equipment for monitoring and recording model configuration, flow visualization, test operations and safety.

External balance rating:
Normal force - 6,000 lbf
Axial force - 500 lbf
Side force - 2,000 lbf
Pitching moment - 100,000 in-lbf
Rolling moment - 25,000 in-lbf
Yawing moment - 25,000 in-lbf

Equipment and accessories:
High pressure air (heated and unheated), vacuum, steam, hydraulics and fuel are available on site for test models.

Air supply:
45 lbm/sec at 300 psi, ambient temperature
10 lbm/sec at 300 psi, ambient to 225 deg F
20 lbm/sec at 1000 psi ambient temperature

1.5 lbm/sec at 2 psia to 12 lbm/sec at ambient (electric pump)
50 lbm/sec at 11 psia or above (J47 turbojet)

10 lbm/sec superheated at 100 psi and 325 deg F

In house capability exists to design and fabricate almost any model or equipment required for wind tunnel testing.

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