Boeing Technology Services



Our facilities are equipped and staffed to test electromagnetic environmental effects, antenna patterns and parameters, radio- frequency scattering and cross section, electromagnetic behavior of materials, and electro-optic and laser systems. With both indoor and outdoor facilities -- including the world's largest indoor antenna and radio-frequency scattering range -- we work with you to match test protocol and environment to your test item, large or small. Our electromagnetic interference test facilities support both military and commercial standards.

The lightning test laboratory can test full-size components and installed systems. Material measurement laboratories facilitate development, characterization, and evaluation of specialized materials and radomes. Radio-frequency, electro-optics, and infrared signature laboratories are colocated to help you manage cycle times and costs for a broad spectrum of tests.

Testing capabilities include:

  • Antenna ranges (indoor – compact, outdoor – far field, near-field scanning)
  • Antenna impedance
  • Phased array antenna calibration and validation
  • IR and visual signature measurement, prediction and analysis
  • Laser & Laser Protection systems
  • Instrument lighting assessments
  • Night vision system testing
  • HIRF testing
  • TEMPEST testing
  • EMP signal injection/free field testing
  • Direct and indirect lightning testing
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • RF & IR Material Properties
  • Electromagnetic compatibility / interference (EMC/EMI)
  • Special test setups and test equipment