Boeing Technology Services - Environmental

Space Simulation Chambers - 8 x 8 Ft.

Space Simulation Chamber C

Space Chamber C simulates space and thermal environment for small test articles.

  • Test capacity: 8 ft diameter by 8 ft high.
  • Vacuum level: less than 1 x 10-6 Torr.
  • Thermal capability: heatsink at -195°C.
  • Pumping capability: one 20-inch cryopump - 10,000 L/s (N2).
  • Work environment: class 100,000 cleanroom.
  • Additional capabilities: a 500 solar array providing 4-ft diameter nominal beam.
  • Thermal systems: 36 channels of ac power with total capacity of 2 MW, 177 channels of dc power with total capacity of 285 kW.

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