Boeing Technology Services - Flight Test Facility

Glasgow, Montana Facility

The Boeing Glasgow Flight Test Facility offers Boeing Technology Services (BTS) customers many amenities to assist them during flight testing efforts. The facility is maintained and operated by Montana Aviation Research Company (MARCO), a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.


This former Air Force base, located 17 miles north of the town of Glasgow in Northeast Montana, is capable of providing total on-site testing support.



Tests at Glasgow Flight Test Facility include fly-over noise, stability and control, flutter clearance, thrust reverser, lapse rate takeoffs, taxi, landing go-arounds, water spray, autolands/autopilot, GPS, fuel system drainage and jettison.

Runways and Taxiways

The runways are well maintained, swept regularly, free of foreign object debris, and snowplowed during the snowy season. This airfield is a low risk site for conducting FAR noise certification. The main runway is 13,500 feet long by 300 feet wide, with 1,000 feet of overrun on both ends. The main parallel taxiway is approximately 13,000 feet long by 75 feet wide. Both the runway and taxiway have bearing strengths of approximately 1 million pounds. There are three short taxiways in addition to the hammerheads that connect the parallel taxiway to the runway. Ramps include about 2.3 million square feet of area.

Air Traffic Control

Marco is located just west of center, of an approximately 18,000 square nautical mile area, which is defined by six control areas including Dodson, Richland, Whitetail A, Whitetail B, Whitetail C, and Whitetail D. The areas extend from the surface to 45,000 feet, contain no high altitude airways, and are controlled by one Salt Lake City Air Traffic Controller on one frequency.

All airplane communication is directed to the Marco base office. The onsite control tower is inactive. Lighting The runway edge lighting, taxiway edge lighting,and threshold lighting (displaced threshold lighting on runway 28) is fully operational. The SAC apron lighting has been upgraded with five light poles operating with high efficiency lights.

Runway Markings

The runway markings include; runway centerline; displaced threshold marking; runway approach end numbers; holding position marking for ILS critical area; and stressed area lines.

Other Features

  • Operational ILS
  • Seven large hangars; one of which will accommodate aircraft the size of a B-767
  • Threshold lighting available at all intensities
  • Fully operational lighting
  • Optimal temperature and humidity conditions
  • Common necessities for testing and certification
  • VHF radio base stations are installed
  • Onsite offices and conference rooms
  • Fax, phones, copy machine, etc.
  • Cellular phone communication capability
  • Fueling service
  • Fire protection
  • 24 hour security
  • Local transportation and auto rental
  • Several nine-passenger vans available

Local area or onsite lodging and food service is available. Commercial air transportation is available to Billings, with limited local flights from Billings to Glasgow. Air charter services are also available between Glasgow and Billings.

To join the many companies using testing resources available at The Boeing Company, contact the Boeing Technology Services Marketing Manager at 206-662-1478, request a quote online, or e-mail us for more information about our test capabilities.