Boeing Technology Services - Propulsion

Cell 1 of the Nozzle Test Facility can be equipped with three different test rigs. A 6x6 Supersonic Free Jet Tunnel (FJT), a High Pressure Ratio rig and a Subsonic/Supersonic Diffuser rig. An airflow calibration transfer standard can also be installed.

6x6 Supersonic FJT Specifications

Supersonic Free Jet Tunnel (FJT)
  • 6"x6" Nozzle Exit: 9"x9" Test Section
  • Mach Number Range: 1.25 -- 4.0
  • 3 independently measured and controlled bleed flows
  • Test Section Angle of Attack Range: -5° to +10°
  • Continuous operation

High Pressure Ratio Rig (HPR) Specifications

  • Six Component Balance
  • Single independently measured and controlled air flow
  • Primary flow heated by a steam heat exchanger
  • Continuous operation
  • Normal Force ±6,000 lbf
  • Axial Force ±1,000 lbf
  • Side Force ±2,000 lbf
  • Pitching Moment ±100,00 in-lb
  • Yawing Moment ±25,000 in-lb
  • Rolling Moment ±25,000 in-lb
  • Primary flow maximum: 800 psia and 20 lb/s and 100°F

Airflow Calibration Flow Standard

The airflow calibration transfer standard contains 162 critical flow venturi meters that have a common discharge coefficient curve traceable through a mass-time calibration system to the National Bureau of Standards.

  • Mass Flow range: 0.04 -- 40 lb/s
  • Discharge coefficient uncertainty for the transfer standard is estimated to be 0.07% for individual meters and 0.05% for meters operating in parallel.

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