Boeing Technology Services - Propulsion

Cell 2 Specifications/Capability

The Large Dual Flow Rig (LDFR) in Cell 2 is designed for performance testing of scaled engine exhaust system models including thrust reversers, although most models requiring either force or flow measurement can be adapted to the facility. The rig is mounted on a three-component balance.

Nozzle Test Facility
  • Three Component Balance
    • ±2000 lbf axial force
    • ±850 lbf side force
    • ±50,000 in-lb yaw moment
  • Three independently measured and controlled air flows
    • Primary (core) flow maximum: 120 psid and 16 lb/s and 1200°F
    • Secondary (fan) flow maximum: 120 psid and 40 lb/s and ambient temperature
    • Tertiary flow maximum: 800 psia and 3 lb/s and 200°F
  • Total Mass Flow Range: 0-56 lb/s
  • Primary flow heated by an inline propane burner
  • Continuous running with airflows less than 40 lb/s
  • Maximum model weight: 1600 lb
  • Cell 2 Interface Point (Station 35)

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