Boeing Technology Services - Propulsion

Fuel Properties Laboratory

A combination of special and general purpose fuel properties analysis equipment including explosion proof fume hoods, freezers, high precision analytic balances, and temperature baths. The laboratory is a regular participant in the ASTM Inter-Laboratory Crosscheck Program.

Various fuel properties are determined, including:

  • net heat of combustion
  • thermal oxidation stability
  • vapor pressure
  • viscosity
  • density
  • lubricity
  • water content
  • dissolved gas content
  • cold flow characteristics

Typical tests include determination and measurement of:

  • fuel relative density (specific gravity) per ASTM D1298
  • heat of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels per ASTM D4809
  • fuel thermal stability per ASTM D3241, or as specified
  • fuel vapor pressure per ASTM D323
  • fuel viscosity per ASTM D445
  • fuel lubricity per ASTM D5001 Evaluator
  • dissolved gas content in fuel samples per ASTM D2780
  • total water content of fuels per ASTM D1744
  • undissolved water in flowing fuel streams per ASTM D3240
  • fuel flow at cold tank temperatures per British Institute of Petroleum method IP217
  • fuel density (absolute) per ASTM D1217

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