Boeing Technology Services - Simulation Testing
BTS - Simulation

The Boeing Integrated Flight Systems Laboratory is one of the most modern engineering simulation facilities in the commercial transport industry.

Our team of experts can simulate diverse, realistic airplane environments. We have five engineering flight simulators. Four are fixed base simulators that are configured to duplicate Boeing production airplanes and one is a multi-purpose simulator.

  • 737-700/800/900
  • 747-400
  • 767- 400
  • 777-200/ 200LR/ 300/300ER
  • Multi-purpose Motion based ( 6 Degrees-of-freedom ) - All Boeing models

Simulator Architecture

Architectural components include:

  • Airplane simulation - encompasses aerodynamics, flight control, gear, engines, avionics and system characteristics
  • Environment simulation - encompasses winds aloft, wind shear, and microbursts; navigational elements for VOR, ILS/GLS, NDB, and GPS
  • Out the Window visuals - provides high fidelity visual scene generated and displayed by the latest in visual technology
  • Control loading system - provides high fidelity flight control cueing
  • Input/Output systems - provides connectivity with airplane LRUs, flight deck, and high iteration rate processing
  • Graphics development system - provides capability for developmental displays for graphical elements including HUD and virtual instrumentation


Some of the traditional flight simulation areas that the Boeing simulators support are:

  • Handling Quality Assessments
  • Flight control systems assessments
  • Avionics systems development and integration
  • Flight deck & display design, development, and integration
  • Crew workload and procedures development/evaluation
  • System and subsystem failure studies
  • FAA, JAA, and other system certifications
  • Flight test program support
  • Incident/accident investigation

These simulators may also be available to meet your company's simulation needs. Your company's electronic hardware can be installed in the cockpit of all our simulators, to test its validity and compatibility with Boeing airplanes.

To join the many companies using testing resources available at The Boeing Company, contact the Boeing Technology Services Marketing Manager at 206-662-1478, request a quote online, or e-mail us for more information about our test capabilities.