Boeing Technology Services - Propulsion

Data Acquisition System

The Data Acquisition System (DAS) for the NTF is a Data General MV/18000 SX model 10, 32 bit processor. The DAS front end consists of a variety of data acquisition hardware including a 15 bit high-speed Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)(100 kHz)and an electronic pressure scanner (EPS). The EPS is made by Scanivalve Incorporated (HYSCAN). The DAS interfaces with the ADC via a 16-bit parallel interface and the EPS via IEEE 488.

Data System Specifications

  • 143 channels of analog data (i.e., pressure transducers and thermocouples) that are sampled via the ADC
  • 256 pneumatic channels sampled via EPS
    • 16 Modules (16 pressures each) with pressure ranges (15, 30, 50, 100 psid)
    • Data Accuracy ±0.1% of reading
  • 100 (Cell 1) and 239 (Cell 2) thermocouple channels sampled via HP3852A Temperature Scanner
  • Real time displays of data parameters as well as calculations
  • Commands via keyboard, touchscreen or remote handhelds
  • Dynamic Data Acquisition System available

NTF Facility Parameters

Cell 1

  • Varies depending upon test rig

Cell 2

  • PREF -- Ambient Pressure (psia)
  • PAMB -- Cell Pressure (psia)
  • TAMB -- Ambient Cell Temperature
    Multiple Critical Venturi's (MCV)
  • PFM1P -- Primary Upstream Pressure (psia)
  • PFM2P -- Primary Downstream Pressure (psia)
  • PFM1S -- Secondary Upstream Pressure (psia)
  • PFM2S -- Secondary Downstream Pressure (psia)
  • AFI -- Axial Force
  • SFI1 2 -- Side Force 1 2
  • YMI -- Yaw Moment
  • PTAREP -- Primary Tare Pressure (psid)
  • PTARES -- Secondary Tare Pressure (psid)
  • PTARET -- Tertiary Tare Pressure (psid)
  • TTAREP -- Primary Tare Temperature (psid)
  • TTARES -- Secondary Tare Temperature (psid)
  • TTARET -- Tertiary Tare Temperature (psid)


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