Boeing Technology Services - Propulsion

Data Reduction System

The Data Reduction System (DRS) for the NTF can work with the data acquisition system to record and process data on a point by point basis or it can be used offline to post process previously acquired data. The system is highly extensible in that custom calculation modules can be rapidly developed and deployed to meet customer requirements.

Data Reduction Capabilities

  • Diverse base of calculation modules (i.e. airflow, nozzle performance coefficients, pressure coefficients) which can be customized to test requirements
  • Tabulated Data Output of all Acquired Parameters and Calculations
  • Near Real Time On-line Plots of Data and Calculations
    • Contour Plots
    • Pressure Profile Plots
    • Point by Point X-Y Plots
  • Data Files in ASCII, CFS, GGP, GCP, ESA, PLT and CSV (Excel) formats
  • Data can be transmitted over network or WWW
  • Data can be archived to a variety of output storage devices
  • Facility can be network "isolated" for secure data handling
  • Platform for custom data handling scripts and file conversion utilities.

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