Corporate Community Involvement in Chicago Overview

In Chicago, we leverage our five companywide focus area objectives to achieve the greatest impact in the communities where we live and work. At Boeing, we believe that communities must be strong in all these areas in order thrive and grow.

We tailor these focus area objectives to respond to our Chicago community and its priorities through our local implementation strategy. Grant proposals are accepted in each of the focus area objectives during specific application periods.

We partner with organizations that are innovators and collaborators. We know that by leveraging relationships and resources, our investments have a greater impact. We also look for ways to measure results, outputs and outcomes--important information to understanding the genuine impact we are making on any issue that communities face. Specifically, grant requests are evaluated on:

  • Alignment with our local implementation strategy.
  • Clearly stated outcomes for the project or program being considered including defined metrics to determine if outcomes are achieved, and a timeline of milestones at which progress will be measured.
  • Innovation, collaboration, leadership and diversity.
  • The organization's financial viability, programmatic strength, and legal compliance.

For additional information on how to apply, please review the Boeing Chicago local corporate grant-making guidelines