Chicago Implementation Strategy

Our grants vary greatly in size. We base our award levels on the merit of each individual grant request. We also look for the extent of alignment with our corporate investment focus areas, which we implement locally based on a community assessment, as described below:

  • In Education, we focus exclusively on professional development for teachers and improving school leadership. For early education, we focus that development on formal and informal caregivers.
  • When investing in the area of Environment, we look for programs that facilitate the development of integrated plans to address regional concerns especially climate change and train citizens to protect and conserve the environment.
  • In Health and Human Services, we promote the economic well-being and health of communities in need, and seek specific, measurable outcomes through innovative social enterprises and projects that improve the access and efficiency of health and human services delivery.
  • In Arts and Culture, we invest in programs that promote participation in arts and cultural activities. We fund work that introduces new voices and perspectives to our community, and partnerships that create a more sustainable arts and cultural environment.
  • Finally in our Civic investments, we focus on increasing public understanding of and engagement in the processes and issues that affect our communities. Specifically as they relate to our focus area, i.e., programs related to conservation/sustainability, community building, scientific literacy/uses of technology, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, and importantly, strengthening the democratic process.

For additional information on how to apply, please review the Boeing Chicago local corporate grant-making guidelines document.