Community Engagement

Corporate citizenship speaks to everything we do - from our products and services to our business practices and community engagement. Boeing and its employees contribute to sustainable growth and systemic impact for communities and their people worldwide.

Since our first charitable donation in 1917, Boeing has sought to bring innovation and new thinking to the business challenges we face while making valuable contributions to society. Now, with more than 168,000 people across the United States and in more than 65 countries, our opportunity to make a positive impact in communities is greater than ever before.

Using our talent, time and resources, Boeing and its employees are helping to build better communities worldwide.

Additionally, Boeing invests in community programs supporting Health and Human Services, Arts and Culture and Civic Engagement to help develop lifelong learning and prepare healthy, creative thinkers and strong leadership for the future.



FIRST Robotics
Since 2008 Boeing has officially supported almost 1,100 FIRST Robotics teams with funding and employee volunteer mentors.

Boeing works toward a future when all students will have access to learning so they can develop their skills, do what they dream, and build something better.

Working with community, business and private sector partners, Boeing supports education programs designed to develop a globally competitive workforce and strong communities. By investing our time and resources into strengthening educator leadership, hands-on experiential learning, early learning and mentoring around the world, Boeing seeks to inspire students and prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

Education programs received 52% of our charitable contributions in 2014.

While each community faces its own local education priorities and challenges, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is globally recognized as a key to workforce preparedness and continued innovation. Learn more about Boeing’s education investments.

To influence the next 100 years of aerospace innovation, we believe that our global partnerships with higher education institutions are critical for preparing today's students with tomorrow's skills. We strategically support education through internships, student projects, research and development, and charitable investments. Partnering to provide hands-on opportunities prepares students to succeed when they join our team to make the next great leaps in aerospace. Learn more about Boeing’s University Relations.



Beneficiary of coconut seedling dispersal in island villages in Northern Samar Philippines
Boeing collaborates with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials and other organizations to help small farmers in Southeast Asia grow plants for sustainable biofuel production while improving their productivity and incomes.

Air itself is our element, so it’s not surprising that we maintain a deep commitment to protecting the natural resources we all share. Boeing's focus on technology, innovation and enviornmental leadership, demonstrate our strategic drive to align everything we do - from community engagement to our products and services and our business practices - toward a cleaner world. Better environmental performance is not just good for the planet, it's good for our business and for our communites worldwide.

Boeing has a history of achieving the impossible through the confidence to lead, the courage to innovate and the ingenuity to transform dreams into reality.

Boeing's long tradition of innovation has helped make air travel 90 percent quieter and 70 percent cleaner since the 1960s. And we are committed to continually improving the environmental performance of our products and services, through new technologies, sustainable fuels and operational efficiencies.

As a committed, responsible environmental leader focused on healthy global growth, we collaborate with research institutions, customers, universities and governments to solve problems and educate our communities about the importance of environmental protection and preservation. Every day, thousands of Boeing employees around the world lead activities and projects that create continuous improvements in the areas of energy, water and materials conservation.

Boeing also is accelerating improvements in the environmental performance of the company’s operations, as business continues to grow. Increasingly, Boeing is seeking opportunities to incorporate energy conservation technologies and sustainable materials into new building designs as well as to reduce the amount of water used and waste generated by our facilities, earning us the designation U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Partner of the year for the past several years. For more information see our Environment Report.

Learn more about Boeing’s environment investments.


Military and Veterans

military family
Boeing contributed over $16 million in 2013 to organizations like the USO that support our military, veterans and their families.

Recognizing the unique value that service members, veterans, and military families bring to their communities and jobs as a result of their service and sacrifice, Boeing creates opportunities and invests in partnerships that provide pathways to build better lives for them, their families, and their communities.

Leadership, management, teamwork, accountability and responsibility –these are some of the essential skills that military veterans develop during their service. But as they return home and seek to put those skills to work, some face obstacles to employment that can seem insurmountable.

Boeing employs more than 23,000 veterans and reservists and stands by to assist others through collaboration with non-profit and business partners. Committed to easing the transition from military life to the private sector, we support educational, mentoring and job training programs. Additionally, we maintain our own military skills translator tool which enables U.S. armed forces personnel and veterans to find Boeing career opportunities that best align with their experiences.

The Boeing Employee Veterans Association provides a forum where employees can ensure that our veterans’ dedication and service are never forgotten through year-round recognition, community engagement and networking events. Learn more about Boeing’s military veteran investments.


Humanitarian Relief

Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner Humanitarian Flight
Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines and Seattle Anesthesia Outreach joined together for the first 787 Dreamliner Humanitarian Flight. Along with this new airplane, the flight delivered approximately 20,000 pounds (9,000 kilograms) of medical supplies to Ethiopia'

There is no greater privilege than helping those in need. In the face of natural disasters or humanitarian need, Boeing’s people and products are often present to help communities around the world.

Working with our global network of products, customers, suppliers and community partners, Boeing is uniquely positioned to make a difference during disaster and humanitarian relief efforts and be a force for positive change.

Through our ongoing Humanitarian Delivery Flights program, Boeing and its airline customers combine the delivery of new aircraft with vital relief and humanitarian missions. More than 50 airline customers have collaborated with Boeing on more than 170 humanitarian delivery flights since 1992, bringing more than one million pounds of aid including medical supplies, food supplements, equipment and clothing for relief workers, and educational materials to those in need.

Learn more about Boeing's humanitarian relief program.