The competitive grant-making process looks first at a project's or program's expected outcomes, and next for demonstrations of what we believe are the hallmarks of good community investments. Overall, grant requests throughout the enterprise are evaluated on:

  • Alignment with one or more of our five focus areas and corresponding objectives
  • Alignment with our company values and core competencies
  • Clearly defined expected outcomes, relative to community needs, that are measurable, scalable, and have a sustainable impact on the community beyond the period of the company's involvement
  • The extent to which the project or program demonstrates innovation, collaboration, leadership and diversity
  • The organization's financial viability, programmatic strength, and legal compliance.

Since individual sites tailor their local investing to community needs, it is strongly advised to check local grant-making guidelines (where available) and/or speak with the appropriate Global Corporate Citizenship representative before you submit a grant request.

Please note that the above information does not apply to Employees Community Fund grant making. Please click here for more information about how to apply for a grant from a Fund in your area.