Employee Community Fund

Apply for a Grant: Alabama

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) is a method for Boeing employees to collectively support the needs of the local community through grant funding. Grant funding is administered by a volunteer Site Advisory Board comprised of local Boeing employees. Currently, the ECF of Boeing Alabama only supports agencies providing health and/or human services to the communities where ECF of Boeing Alabama members live and work.

ECF Grant Guidelines and Information:

  1. 1. Agencies must fall within the requirements of Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and must also qualify with the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) organization.
  2. 2. Agency must be located in or have significant operations in North Alabama to be considered for funding.
  3. 3. Agencies may submit only one grant application per calendar year within the grant application period.
  4. 4. Agencies must apply using Boeing's online grant application. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
  5. 5. ECF of Boeing Alabama's funding category is Health and Human Services.
  6. 6. Because of the volume of grant proposals received by ECF Alabama, we will only accept grant applications during the timeframe outlined each year. All grant submissions outside the grant application period will be declined and ineligible to reapply until the following calendar year.
  7. 7. Grant proposal may be funded in full, in part, or declined.
  8. 8. Agencies must re-apply for funding each year. The ECF of Boeing Alabama makes no implication that any agency is guaranteed funding from year to year.
  9. 9. Agencies will be notified when funding decisions have been made.
  10. 10. Grant requests will be automatically declined if:
  • Your agency submits a grant application before or after the specified grant application timeframe. Note: you may log-in and begin your grant proposal at any time. However, do not submit your proposal until the specified submission timeframe arrives.
  • Your agency neglects to submit receipts validating the expenditure of previous ECF grant funding.
  • Your agency neglects to submit a grant impact report if a grant was received from ECF the previous year. (Boeing's CyberGrants system will send you an e-mail reminder and a link to the e-form when your impact report is due.)

PLEASE NOTE: Grant applications are accepted only during a specific timeframe each year.

Annual grant application period January 1 - March 31
Evaluation of grant requests April 1 - June 30
ECF Board grant funding decisions June 1 - July 31
Grant awards August

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Requests ECF Does Not Fund:

  • Religious Organizations, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine; faith-based organizations must provide services to all clients regardless of denomination
  • General operating expenses
  • Travel expenses and vehicles for agency staff
  • Walk-a-thons, athletic events, recreational activities and athletic group sponsorships
  • Hospitals and medical research
  • Courtesy advertising, fundraising events, conference or dinner tickets, door prizes or raffles, and promotional items
  • Debt reduction and reimbursement for items already purchased
  • Primarily tax-supported organizations
  • Gifts, honoraria, gratuities
  • Memorials and endowments
  • National fund drives
  • Capital campaigns


Additional Information:

Your agency may log in and create a grant proposal at any time. However, do not submit your proposal until during the grant application period. Untimely submissions will be declined.

Update your agency's contact information and login information as necessary each time you apply for a grant. This will ensure that all communications from ECF about your proposal reach the appropriate contact person at your agency. Utilize the "Need Support" link at the bottom of each screen of the online application to help answer frequently asked questions.

If your agency is part of a national organization, please submit financial documents reflecting your local operations.

All requested documentation and information should be uploaded into the grant application. If you are requesting tangible items (i.e, computers, equipment, systems, etc.), we require 3 price estimates/vendor quotes for the requested equipment/program items. Quotes can be uploaded to the grant application online under Project Budget Upload or ECF Addendum sections.

If you do not have the capability to scan and upload the required information to the application, then you will need to mail it to the below address. If the documents are not received in the mail by the application deadline, your application can be declined.

Employees Community Fund of Boeing Alabama
P. O. Box 240002 Mail Code JB-50
Huntsville, AL 35813-6402

If you are applying for funding from ECF of Boeing Alabama for the first time or have questions about the qualifications of your request, it is suggested that you contact the local ECF of Boeing Alabama via email at ECFofBoeingAlabama@boeing.com to discuss your ECF funding request prior to the completion of the grant application.

Review Process:

Once your electronic grant application is received, the ECF of Boeing Alabama Site Advisory Board members will review eligible grant applications, conduct site visits, evaluate and vote to allocate funds based on proposed use, comparative need, and the overall funds available for distribution. An ECF board member will contact eligible agencies for site visits/evaluations following the application due date. As such, a representative from your agency must be available to meet with an ECF representative at your place of business.

Contributions may not be shared with or sent to an agency's national headquarters or branch offices. ECF of Boeing Alabama reserves the right to contact the vendors/suppliers used by the agency to verify purchases made with ECF grant funds.