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Apply for a Grant from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing Arizona

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of Boeing Arizona accepts grant applications based on the Grant Schedule listed below. If you have any questions please contact the ECF at MesaECF@boeing.com.

Please review requirements in their entirety prior to applying!

About The Employees Community Fund of Boeing Arizona

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) enables Boeing employees to collectively support the needs of Arizona Communities through grant funding. Employee contributions to the ECF are made through payroll deduction and are administered by a volunteer Advisory Board comprised of local Boeing employees. Arizona ECF funding categories include Health, Education/Community Enrichment, and Social Services.

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Arizona ECF Grant Guidelines and Information

  • Agencies must fall within the requirements of Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and must also qualify with the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Agencies must be designated as a 501(c)3 for at least three years prior to submitting a grant.
  • Agency must be located in or have significant operations in Arizona to be considered for funding.
  • Agencies may submit only one grant application per calendar year.
  • Agencies must apply using Boeing's online grant application. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
  • Arizona ECF funding categories include Health, Education/Community Enrichment, and Social Services
  • Because of the volume of grant proposals received by Arizona ECF, we will only accept submissions during the timeframe outlined in the Arizona ECF Grant Schedule.

Arizona ECF Grant Schedule

Arizona ECF CategoryApplications AcceptedGrants Distributed
Health January 1 - January 31 April
Education/ Community Enrichment March 1 - March 31 June
Social Services June 1 - June 30 October
  • Apply in the category that aligns with your agency's mission statement, not based on the purpose of a program. If you are unsure of which category to apply for, please contact ECF at MesaECF@boeing.com. Unless your agency's mission statement changes dramatically, your agency should apply in the same category each year.
  • Update your agency's contact information and login information as necessary each time you apply for a grant. This will ensure that all communications from ECF about your proposal reach the appropriate contact person at MesaECF@boeing.com so that we may delete that contact from your agency profile.
  • Utilize the "Need Support" link at the bottom of each screen of the online application to help answer frequently asked questions.
  • If your agency is part of a national organization, please submit project information and financial documents reflecting your local operations.
  • Grant proposals may be funded in full, in part, or declined. Keep in mind that the average funding amount of successful grant proposals may be $3,000 - $5,000.
  • Agencies must re-apply for funding each year. The ECF of Boeing Arizona makes no implication that any agency is guaranteed funding from year to year.
  • Agencies will be notified when funding decisions have been made.
  • Grant proposals are due by 11:59 pm Arizona Time on the last day of each cycle.
  • Proposal information should be specific to the requested grant, (i.e. # of people the requested project will serve, not # of people organization serves at large; financial information specific to local organization, not parent organization).
  • Proposals will be automatically declined if:
    • You apply in a category that does not align with your agency's mission statement. Your proposal will be returned and your agency will need to apply in the appropriate category per the Arizona ECF Grant Schedule (go to categories).
    • Your agency submits a grant application before or after the specified timeframe. Note: you may log-in and begin your grant proposal at any time. However, do not submit your proposal until the specified submission timeframe arrives. No late submissions will be accepted. Please retain your confirmation e-mail from CyberGrants as proof of submittal date.
    • Your agency received a grant from the ECF in the previous year and has not submitted a grant impact report. (Boeing's CyberGrants system will send the grant requestor an e-mail reminder and a link to the e-form when the impact report is due. Please email MesaECF@boeing.com if grant requestor has changed from previous year.)

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ECF Funding Category Definitions

Health: Agency's mission is focused on general health-related to a disease, illness, medical condition and/or preventive care.  Activities include research, education, emotional support and/or treatment associated with individuals or families.

Education: Agency's mission is focused on providing occupational, therapeutic, or scholastic education and/or educational resources to people of all ages, also includes educational institutions that are dedicated solely to people with disabilities.

Community Enrichment: Agency's mission is to provide cultural experiences to various audiences in the community. Appropriate agencies include visual and performing arts, cultural and historical preservation groups, zoos and wildlife/nature preservation groups.

Social Services: Agency's mission is focused on providing food, shelter, clothing, rehabilitation, improving the quality of life to include life skills and/or other basic need services to persons/groups in need. Also includes animal welfare.

Unsure where your agency fits? Please contact ECF at MesaECF@boeing.com.

Note: Crystal Vision Award is an annual invitation only grants cycle. Eligible applicants will be notified.

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Types of Organizations/Projects we do NOT fund:

  • Political organizations or programs
  • Organizational activities promoting fraternal, sectarian, social, religious, churches, service clubs, or similar agendas
  • Individual public and private schools, except those dedicated solely to the handicapped
  • Organizations supported in large part by government funding, except joint government and private enterprise projects
  • Trips, tours, award ceremonies or fundraising sponsorship (of individuals or groups)
  • Fundraising, management and general expenses, events expenses, including courtesy advertising, conferences, or dinner tickets
  • Scholarships or endowments
  • Youth sports groups

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Review Process

Once your electronic grant application is received, the ECF Advisory Board will review eligible grant applications. An ECF advisory board member may contact your agency for site/phone evaluations following the application due date. As such, a representative from your agency must be available to meet with an ECF representative at your place of business. The ECF Advisory Board allocates funds based on proposed use, comparative need, and the funds available. Grant decisions will be made approximately 60 days later, and agencies will be notified when funding decisions have been made.

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Contact Information:

Email: MesaECF@boeing.com

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