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The Boeing Philadelphia Employees Community Fund (ECF) is an organization consisting of voluntary members who are employees of The Boeing Company located in Philadelphia, PA. Funds are collected through payroll deduction and an eight member ECF Board, elected by the membership, administers contributions.

The Boeing Company is not involved in the allocation of funds. However, the Company does support the fund's administrative costs by providing a Company Advisor to the ECF Board. The ECF Board makes final decisions on the disbursement of funds.

Generally, ECF only supports agencies providing health and/or human services to the communities where ECF members reside.

Generally, we do not fund medical research, recreational activity, agency advertising and publicity, tax supported institutions, individuals, cultural organizations, operating expenses (except through United Way), or the replacement of monies already spent.

Grant Application Procedure
In order to be considered for an ECF grant, the requesting agency must meet the following criteria:

  1. The organization must maintain a non profit status as defined and approved by the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. The agency must contribute to the community's health and/or social welfare.
  3. The agency's services must be open to all members of the community regardless of sex, race, religion, ability to pay or other background.

The request must be submitted on the ECF Grant Application form provided and signed by two authorized officials of the requesting agency, including its Board President or Chairman. In addition, if the request involves one branch or division of an agency with multiple branches or divisions, then the request must be counter signed by an authorized headquarters official to certify that the request represents a priority need of the agency as a whole. An agency may apply only once in a 12 month period.

Compliance Rules for Agencies Receiving ECF Contributions
The contribution must be expended for the stated purpose and at the stated location.

The agency agrees to furnish financial information as outlined in the application and/or as requested by the ECF Board. The agency financial information will be kept confidential.

Contributions should not be shared with or sent to an agency's national headquarters or branch offices.

No deviation or modifications of the compliancy rules listed above are allowed without advance written approval by the ECF Board.

Completion of a ECF grant application and signatures thereon signify agreement for compliance with the requirements stated herein.

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