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Apply for a Grant: St. Louis Area


In the current economic climate, the ECF is facing ever increasing needs in the community without an increase in funds. In response, the ECF Board of Directors is always looking for process and strategy improvements in order to best serve the community with the resources that the ECF does have. Beginning in 2014, ECF discontinued partial funding of grants. That means that we will either fully fund a grant 100% or deny that grant. This change means that it is imperative that your 2015 request is reasonable and realistic, keeping in mind that ECF has not seen an increase in our funding. No agency is immune from this change.

Geographical Restrictions

Since employees of the Boeing Company in St. Louis contribute to the ECF of Boeing St. Louis, consideration is given only to those agencies which are in the following counties: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Lincoln (MO), Warren (MO), St. Charles (MO), Franklin (MO), Jefferson (MO), Macoupin (IL), Madison (IL), St. Clair (IL), Monroe (IL), and Jersey (IL).


Grant requests are accepted between January 1 and January 31 on an annual basis. Grant requests submitted outside of this timeframe will be disqualified from review.

The ECF Board of Directors reviews grants between March 1 and September 1 of each year with no consideration of "time-sensitive" applications. All grant decisions will be communicated by September 1.

Grant requests will be considered only once within the same calendar year and any one grant does not necessarily indicate continuing support in subsequent years.

Areas/Organizations Not Eligible for Funding

Organizations and requests that are not eligible for funding through ECF of St. Louis (because of policy and/or law) include:

  • Political organizations or programs.
  • Sectarian, fraternal, social, religious, or similar organizations.
  • Private foundations.
  • Travel, trips or tours.
  • Dinner tickets, conferences, seminars, pageants, auctions, athletic teams, scout troops, raffle tickets, sporting events, and related activities.
  • Service clubs and other third-party activities or projects.
  • Fundraising sponsorships, either individual or group.

These guidelines do not apply to funds given to organizations via the ECF as a part of the employee directed giving program.

Instructions for Completing Grant Application

Failure to follow these instructions will result in your grant application being automatically disqualified from review.

  • Ensure the banner at the top of the application screen states "Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company." If it states anything else, even if mentions "Boeing," it is the wrong application. Back out of the site and enter again, being sure to choose "ECF only" as a proposal type if prompted.
  • All organizational and contact data must be updated and completed.
  • When listing Board of Directors and staff, type in only names and titles. Do NOT cut and paste from another document or include contact information such as addresses, etc.
  • All required fields in the application must be completed.
  • Do NOT submit any documents that are password protected.
  • Do NOT code your agency as a "national" or "international" agency anywhere in the application as this will delay your proposal being reviewed.
  • The following documents must be uploaded in the application. Failure to upload these documents will result in your grant application being automatically disqualified from review.
    1. a. Project Budget (for the specific project for which you are applying for funding) in the "Project Budget Upload" subsection of the Project Detail section.
    2. b. Most recent agency operating budget (for the ENTIRE agency) in the "Agency Operating Budget" subsection of the Financial Information section.
    3. c. Most recent financial audit if your agency has one (NOT password protected) in the "Financial Upload" subsection of the Financial Information section.
    4. d. Most recently filed Federal 990/990EZ tax return (if your agency files) in the "Agency 990/990EZ Upload" subsection of the Financial Information section. Please upload your 990/990EZ as ONE PDF document. If your agency does not file a 990/990EZ, provide documentation that you are not required to file.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in your grant application being automatically disqualified from review.

If your agency was a recipient of an ECF grant the previous calendar year, you will receive a request from the ECF for a grant close-out report on February 1. The grant close-out report will be due on March 1. Failure to submit a grant close-out report will automatically disqualify any future year grant from review.

THANK YOU in advance for adhering to the above instructions. This will greatly facilitate the reviewing and awarding of grants in the most expedient manner possible.

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