Employee Engagement
Boeing employees, family members and friends volunteering
Boeing employees, their family members and friends volunteer to help restore a South Carolina oyster habitat as part of the company’s annual Global Month of Service.

One of the most amazing things we build doesn't even fly. Exciting and rewarding as the aerospace industry can be, some of the proudest accomplishments of Boeing employees come from what they do to help make a positive difference in their communities.




Boeing employees mentor youth, bring learning outside the classroom, lend helping hands, preserve natural habitats, and leverage their professional skills to improve the effectiveness of their community partners.

Global Month of Service
Thousands of Boeing employees and their families and friends volunteer their time year-round to build better communities worldwide.

Bringing together Boeing employees, family members and friends each year, July marks Boeing’s annual Global Month of Service, which serves as an opportunity to encourage and acknowledge the many ways in which our employees engage in community. Reinforcing one of our core values, Global Month of Service demonstrates how we can play a significant role in our global communities beyond our performance as a corporation through community service projects around the world. Additionally, the company honors Earth Day and World Environment Day with hands-on projects and educational activities.

Throughout the year Boeing locations organize activities and help employees follow their passions by providing opportunities and connections to local nonprofits in need of a helping hand. We also bring leadership development out of the work environment, through collaborations with nonprofit organizations by serving on governance boards. Today more than 500 nonprofit organizations have Boeing executives lending their time, knowledge and skills.

Boeing employees willingly volunteer their time and talents to help communities thrive and cultivate personal as well as professional growth. Learn more about Boeing’s employee volunteers.


Employees Community Fund

For generations, our employees have demonstrated dedication to building better communities through Boeing's Employees Community Fund - one of the largest employee-owned and managed funds of its kind in the world.

Employees Community Fund (ECF)

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company has been empowering employees to pool their tax-deductible donations for greater impact for more than 60 years. Employee advisory boards work to locally distribute combined employee donations, which are made through recurring payroll deductions or one-time gifts, to nonprofits in their community. Boeing pays all administrative costs so 100 percent of every employee dollar helps strengthen local communities.

ECF grants have gone toward community projects such as aiding the homeless, stocking food banks, helping at-risk children succeed in school, providing job training for the unemployed, funding critical health services, supporting veterans programs and more.

  • ECF makes grants to U.S.-based IRS 501(c)(3) qualified charitable or educational organizations
  • U.S. organizations will need a 501(c)(3)-qualified tax ID number to apply.

Learn more about ECF investments.

ECFs tailor their grant making to address the particular needs of their community and member interests. To learn about the ECF grant making guidelines of a specific region, click on the one of the locations listed below.