Hawaii State - Local Guidelines

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our guidelines. The Boeing Company has been an important presence throughout Hawaii since 1996. Grantmaking in Hawaii in primarily focuses on education and the environment in Maui County, including the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

Global Corporate Citizenship leverages Boeing resources, such as cash and sponsorship grants, as well as employee involvement programs, to maximize our efforts to address community needs. More information is available about the Types of Support offered by The Boeing Company. Also, be sure to review the FAQ document for more information about our investments in Hawaii communities.

Environment Global Objectives

Recognizing that climate change and pollution are serious global concerns, Boeing has set a clear strategy to take action as a responsible corporate citizen and neighbor. Boeing will invest in community-based programs that:

  • Inspire environmental citizenship and educate citizens to minimize their impact on the environment;
  • Reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, increase recycling and energy efficiency; and
  • Protect and restore critical natural assets and habitat.

Environment Local Strategies

With the objective of inspiring environmental citizenship and educating citizens to minimize their impact on the environment, Boeing Hawaii will focus on grants in the Environmental area that:

  • Provide hands-on experiences which promote environmental stewardship and train the next generation of environmental leaders;
  • Protect and restore Maui County's reefs and the watersheds that filter into it with a focus on storm water management and habitat restoration.

Education Global Objectives

We seek large-scale efforts to improve and align systems in order to advance students' skills and preparation for future success. In Hawaii, Boeing will invest to:

  • Promote excellent instruction through high-quality teacher professional development and relevant, aligned and internationally benchmarked curriculum.
  • Integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) content and learning practices through partnerships between community organizations and educational systems.

Education Local Objectives

We seek large-scale efforts to improve and align systems in order to advance students' skills and preparation for future success. In Hawaii State, Boeing invests to:

  • Integrate STEM into the classroom, increasing student literacy and lab skills and engaging them in real-world science, technology, engineering, and math activities.
  • Support programs supporting women in technology and teacher training in the STEM area.

How to Apply for Support

Boeing's online application process requires an invitation code for all requests to Northwest Region Global Corporate Citizenship. To request an invitation code, please contact:

     Barbara Coates, Community Investor
     barbara.j.coates@boeing.com or 808-874-1580

Before contacting us, please determine that your agency meets the eligibility and exclusions guidelines. If your program, project or organization is new to Boeing, you will be asked to submit a short letter of inquiry prior to receiving an application code and submitting an online request. Once you have received an invitation to apply, you may proceed with Boeing's online application process.