Eligibility and Exclusion Guidelines

All applicants for charitable support from The Boeing Company must be a U.S.-based §501(c)(3) charitable organization in current standing with the IRS.

We place emphasis on sustainable, scalable and replicable programs beyond the period of investment. We emphasize programs that are catalysts for positive and systemic change and have a broad base of community support.

While we recognize that there are many factors affecting individual and community well-being, we place emphasis on addressing prevailing socio-cultural factors, such as disparities between populations, in our grantmaking.

We do not support:

  • Organizations with practices that are inconsistent with company goals and policies
  • Organizations that denigrate or advocate discrimination or violence toward any racial, ethnic or cultural group
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine. Faith-based organizations must provide services to all clients regardless of denomination and without expectation of clients' participation in religious activities

We generally do not support any of the following:

  • Capital campaigns, memorials, and endowments
  • For-profit businesses, including third-party fundraisers, or public institutions.
  • Individuals or families, including:
    • Dissertations and student research projects
    • Loans, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to individuals
    • Travel expenses
    • Adoption services
  • Individual schools or programs serving schools, including:
    • School-affiliated orchestras, bands, choirs, athletic teams, drama groups, yearbooks or class parties
    • Sponsorship for travel, competitions, field trips, etc.
    • Student tuition or tuition-based extracurricular programs
  • Certain event-related expenses, including:
    • Nonprofit- and school-sponsored walk-a-thons, athletic events and athletic group sponsorships other than Special Olympics
    • The purchase of advertising, T-shirts, giveaways and promotional items
    • Printing for auction booklets, tickets, or one-time use items (i.e. invitations or flyers)
    • Door prizes or raffles
  • Athletic events and teams
  • U.S. hospitals, hospital foundations, medical research, and health-related awareness campaigns
  • Debt reduction
  • Purchase of computing equipment
  • Documentary films, books, etc.
  • Media campaigns and advertising
  • Gifts, honoraria, gratuities, and awards
  • In-kind transportation services, creative services, printing, and video production
  • Cultural/Ethnic festivals; due to the large volume, we are unable to support individual festivals
  • Choral or musical groups for which members pay to participate
  • Community theaters and orchestras

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