Requests for In-kind Surplus Donations

Another means that Boeing can help community-based organizations is through in-kind, non-cash donations. As with cash grants, donations are made within our five focus areas of support. Six to eight weeks of lead time is required. Contact your Global Corporate Citizenship representative for more information and to check availability of your requested item/s.

Examples of in-kind donations include the following, although this will vary widely by site:

  • Excess equipment (also referred to as capital assets and expense equipment): May include surplus office equipment, test and measurement equipment, machinery, computers, printers, etc.
  • Services: Includes printing, photography, videotaping and editing, etc. We do not print auction booklets, tickets or one-time items.
  • Loaned labor: Formal arrangement whereby an employee with a particular expertise or skill works with a nonprofit organization on a short-term project or program.
  • Auction items: Existing or purchased items that are given to a nonprofit organization to include in an auction to raise funds.
  • Give-away items: Small, inexpensive -- often Boeing-branded -- items given to a nonprofit organization for inclusion in gift bags, for door prizes, etc.