Seeking Support from Boeing

We believe that companies like ours play a significant role in the world beyond our performance as a corporation. As a stakeholder in the success of our communities, we lead responsibly to help address challenges that are bigger than any one company's interests. Our contributions and efforts are focused on making a significant difference in the lives of people around the world - now and for generations to come.

around the world

Boeing’s strategy for community investing is to apply our unique competencies toward sustainable, measurable growth and self-sufficiency for the organizations we partner with – growth that will continue long after the last Boeing dollar is spent.

We look for partnerships with organizations that are leaders in what they do (no matter their size), that promote diversity, demonstrate innovation and align and collaborate with others toward common workable solutions to community issues.

Our community investments are managed locally where Boeing has a presence, so grant making strategies are tailored by each site to address the specific needs of their region.

Please select your state or country from the list below to learn more about Boeing’s processes and priorities for that area: