Boeing Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct establishes behavioral expectations for Boeing employees at all levels of the company – wherever we are in the world.  Along with the Boeing values, the code serves as the foundation for our workplace culture and provides the basis for the way we conduct business.

While we are committed to performing all business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and provide our employees with a robust set of internal policies, we believe that it is our commitment to operating with integrity that ensures our long-term business success.

Every year from January to February, managers and employees meet to review and discuss Boeing expectations to keep promises, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and model ethical behavior. As part of these discussions, all employees reaffirm their personal commitment by annually signing the code of conduct and acknowledging their responsibilities to ask questions, seek guidance and to raise concerns about potential violations.

The code is available in 10 languages.