Fire Protection

Our Vision, Our Values

The Boeing Fire Department provides to the Boeing Company:

  • Fire Prevention requirements, including national, state, local, contractual, and company requirements.
  • Protection of personnel and company and customer property from fire hazards by maintaining a program that includes planning, inspection, training, engineering, and firefighting capability.
  • Preparedness for controlling and recovering from emergencies and accidents involving company operations through coordination with local government services or by providing properly trained and qualified personnel to rescue persons, minimize property and environmental damage, extinguish fires, preserve evidence of cause, provide fire investigation, and make recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Development of appropriate training programs and materials to promote compliance with internal security and fire protection requirements.

Our Vision

Provide excellent emergency response and fire prevention to protect people, programs, facilities and our community from the adverse effects of fire, release of hazardous material, and industrial injuries. Deploy these services in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

Our Values

  • Foster a climate that encourages innovation and creativity.
  • Attain total customer satisfaction in delivery of all Fire Protection services. Establish partnerships and strong working relationships with our customers.
  • Communicate openly and rigorously.
  • Facilitate firefighter input on key issues and decision making.
  • Show respect to others through our actions and our words.