Aviation Reading List

How can I learn more about Boeing and its airplanes?

The many airplanes built by Boeing are explored in depth in a number of widely available books. Included among them are the following popular titles:

A Cold War Legacy: A Tribute to the Strategic Air Command. Lloyd, Alwyn T. 2000.
Boeing 757 and 767. Becher, Thomas. Crowood Aviation Series. 1999
Boeing Airplanes Since 1916. Bowers, Peter M. 1982.
Boeing in Peace and War. Bauer, Eugene E. 1990.
Boeing. Hannah, Donald. 1983.
Boeing. Hardy, M. J. 1982.
Boeing: An Aircraft Album No. 4. Munson, Kenneth & Swanborough, Gordon. 1971
Boeing: Planemaker to the World. Redding, Robert and Yenne, Bill. 1989.
Boeing: The World's Greatest Planemakers. Chant, Christopher. 1982.
Flying High : The Story of Boeing and the Rise of the Jetliner Industry. Eugene Rodgers. 1996
Hubbard-The Forgotten Boeing Aviator. Brown, James A., 1996
Last of the Flying Clippers: The Boeing 314 Story. Klaas, M.D. 1998.
Legend & Legacy: The Story of Boeing and Its People. Serling, Robert. 1992.
Nuts : Southwest Airlines Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success.Kevin Freiberg, Jackie Frieberg. 1996
Planemakers No. 1: Boeing. Taylor, Michael J. 1982
Tex Johnston, Jet Age Test Pilot. Johnston, A. M. "Tex." 1991.
The Boeing 247, The First Modern Airliner. Van Der Linden, F. Robert. 1991.
The Eleven Days of Christmas: America's Last Vietnam Battle. Michel, Marshall L. III. 2002.
The Road to the 707. Cook, William H. 1991.
Twenty-First-Century Jet, The Making and Marketing of the Boeing 777. Sabbagh, Karl, 1996.
Vision A Saga of the Sky. Mansfield, Harold. 1986.
Vision The Story of Boeing. Mansfield, Harold. 1966.
Vision. Mansfield, Harold. 1986.
Wide-Body: The Triumph of the 747. Irving, Clive. 1993.

How Can I Learn More About McDonnell Douglas and its Airplanes?

Appointment in the Sky: The Story of Project Gemini. Levine, Sol. 1963.
Barons of the Sky From Early Flight to Strategic Warfare. Biddle, Wayne. 1993.
The Big Eight: The DC-8 Story. Hubler, Richard G. 1960.
Climb to Greatness: The American Aircraft Industry, 1920-1960. Rae, John B., 1968.
Conquest of the Skies: A History of Commercial Aviation in America. Solberg, Carl. 1979.
The Dakota. Percy, Arthur Jnr. 1972.
DC-3: The Story of a Fabulous Airplane. Glines and Moseley. 1965.
Donald W. Douglas: A Heart with Wings. Morrison, Wilbur H. 1991.
The Douglas Skyraider. Jackson, B.R. 1969.
Douglas Twinjets: DC-9, MD-80, MD-90 and 717 (Crowood Aviation Series). Becher, Thomas. 2002.
Ed Heinemann: Combat Aircraft Designer. Heinemann and Rausa. 1980.
Engineering the F-4 Phantom II: Parts into Systems. Bugos, Glenn E. 1996.
F-4 Phantom. Gunston, Bill. 1977.
F-4 Phantom II. Dorr, Robert F. 1984.
F-4 Phantom II. O'Rourke, G. G. 1979.
F-4 Phantom II in Detail and Scale. Kinzey, Bert. 1981.
F-15 Eagle. Ethell, Jeff. 1981.
Fifty Glorious Years: A Pictorial Tribute to the Douglas DC-3. 1935-1985. Pearcy, Arthur. 1985.
Flight Plan for Tomorrow: The Douglas Story, A Condensed History. Maynard, Crosby. 1962.
Grand Old Lady. Glines and Moseley. 1959.
Harrier. Mason, Francis K. 1983.
Hornet. The Inside Story of the F/A-18. Kelly, Orr. 1990.
McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920. Francillon, R. J. 1979.
McDonnell Douglas: A Story of Two Giants.Yenne, Bill. 1985.
The McDonnell Douglas Story. Ingells, Douglas J. 1979.
The Mighty THOR. Hartt, Julian. 1961.
Phantom. Mason, Francis K. 1984.
Phantom in Combat. Boyne, Walter J. 1985.
The Plane that Changed the World. Ingells, Douglas J. 1966.
The Right Stuff. Wolfe, Tom. 1979.
St. Louis: City of Flight. Horgan, James J. 1984.We Seven: The Mercury Astronauts. By the Astronauts Themselves. 1962.

How Can I Learn More About Boeing North American and its Airplanes?

North American Aircraft 1934-1998 Vol 1. Avery, Norm. 1998.
Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System. Jenkins, Dennis R. 2001.

How can I learn more about flying and general aviation?

This aviation booklist has suggested readings for enthusiasts of all ages, from grade school to high school and beyond. Most of these titles, and more, can be found in your school or local library. They range from quick reference tools to thorough histories.

Preschool through grade six (through age 11)
Middle school students (ages 12 through 15)
High school students and beyond (age 16 through adult)

Preschool through grade six (through age 11)

Aircraft Technology. Lambert, Mark. 1990.
Draw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft and Spacecraft. Ames, Lee J. 1977.
Experimenting with Air and Flight. Walker, Ormiston H. 1989.
Facts About: Planes. Bailey, Donna. 1990.
Flight: A Panorama of Aviation. Zisfein, Melvin B. 1981.
Going on an Airplane. Rogers, Fred. 1989.
Helicopters. Emert, Phyllis. 1990.
The Big Book of Real Airplanes. Ingoglia, Gina. 1987.
The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane. Freedman, Russell. 1991.

Middle school students (ages 12 through 15)

Amelia Earhart: The Final Story. Loomis, Vincent V. 1985.
At the Controls: Women in Aviation. Briggs, Carole S. 1991.
Flying the Frontiers of Space. Dwiggins, Don. 1982.
The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur & Orville Wright. Crouch, Tom. 1989.
Text The Machine Gunners. Westall, Robert. 1990.
The National Air & Space Museum. Bryan, C. D. B. 1988.
The Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh, Charles A. 1985.
The Visual Dictionary of Flight. 1992.
Women of the Air. Lomax, Judy. 1987.
World Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Present. Angelucci, Enzo. (ed.) 1985.

High school students and beyond (age 16 through adult)

A Field Guide to Airplanes of North America. Montgomery, M.R. 1992.
Becoming an Airline Pilot. Griffin, Jeff. 1990.
Epic of Flight. A multivolume series on the history and principles of flight produced by Time-Life Books, 541 N. Fairbanks Court, Chicago, IL 60611.
Flight in America, 1900 - 1983: From the Wrights to the Astronauts. Bilstein, Roger E. 1984.
Flying Book: Everything You've Ever Wondered About Flying on Airplanes. Blatner, David. 2003
Jane's Aerospace Dictionary. Gunston, Bill. 1989.
Jane's All the World's Aircraft. Published annually in book form.
Knights of the Air. Bowen, Ezra et al. 1989.
Legends of the Air: Aircraft, Pilots, and Planemakers of the Museum of Flight. Rossiter, Sean. 1990.
Night Flight. Saint-Exupery, Antoine De. 1932.
Skystars: The History of Women In Aviation. Hodgman, Ann and Djabbaroff, Rudy. 1981.
The Fullness of Wings: The Making of a New Daedalus. Dorsey, Gary. 1991.
The Leading Edge. Boyne, Walter J. 1986.
The Smithsonian Book of Flight. Boyne, Walter J. 1987.
West with the Night. Markham, Beryl. 1983.
World Aviation Directory. A comprehensive catalog of all aerospace companies.