Corporate Sponsorship

Evaluation Process

Organizations are welcome to submit unsolicited sponsorship proposals to Boeing. Boeing also proactively seeks partnerships with appropriate potential strategic partners.

For detailed information on submitting sponsorship proposals to Boeing, please refer to Application Process and Timing.

All sponsorship proposals, whether solicited or unsolicited, go through the following process:

  • Proposals are received by Boeing Corporate Communications.
  • Boeing Corporate Communications performs a preliminary review based on the Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria.
  • If Boeing Corporate Communications staff considers the proposal to be a potential fit, they will share the proposal with a team of managers from across the organization who have responsibility for developing sponsorship programs.
  • This team reviews the proposed activity's geographic location, scope, and subject matter and does an in-depth review according to the Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria to determine the fit between the proposal and Boeing's brand and sponsorship strategy.

Following this process helps ensure that proposals receive careful consideration and timely responses.