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International Benefits Overview

This website provides official information about Boeing pay and benefits programs for international locally-hired employees.

Boeing international employees are vital to the Company's future growth and success everywhere they live and work. Recognizing the value Boeing employees around the world bring to the Company, Boeing seeks to provide a competitive total pay and benefits package along with various well-being and educational opportunities to its locally-hired employees outside of the United States.

An employee is considered to be a locally-hired employee, if he/she is paid in local currency as a local resident of the country in which he/she works (regardless of citizenship or nationality) and employed by The Boeing Company, Boeing International Corporation (BIC), Boeing Operations International (BOI), or one of the subsidiaries below.

List of Subsidiaries

  • Atara Services Norway AS
  • Boeing Aerospace (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Boeing Aerospace Middle East Limited
  • Boeing (Asia) Investment Limited (a Hong Kong company)
  • Boeing Brasil Serviços Técnicos Aeronáuticos Ltda.
  • Boeing (China) Co., Ltd.
  • Boeing Defence UK Limited
  • Boeing Japan Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Boeing International Corporation India Private Limited
  • Boeing International Corporation
  • Boeing Ireland Limited
  • Boeing Hungary Inc.
  • Boeing Middle East Limited
  • Boeing Netherlands B.V.
  • Boeing Operations International, Incorporated
  • Boeing Qatar Inc.
  • Boeing Research & Technology Europe, S.L.
  • Boeing Russia, Inc.
  • Boeing Shanghai Aviation Flight Training Co., Ltd.
  • Boeing Singapore Private Limited
  • Boeing Singapore Training and Flight Services Pte. Ltd.
  • Boeing Training Services Korea LLC
  • Boeing Training & Flight Services Australia Pty Limited
  • Boeing UK Training and Flight Services Limited
  • Boeing United Kingdom Limited

Locally-hired employees are eligible for local pay programs and applicable benefits that are usually quite different from country to country, but competitive within the local market. The total rewards package may include the following components:

  • Pay and Incentives
  • Pay for Time Not Worked
  • Boeing Recognition Programs
  • Health and Insurance Benefits
  • Boeing Well-Being Programs
  • International Employee Assistance Program
  • Educational Benefits and Opportunities


General Pay & Benefits Information

General information listed below.
For country-specific Pay & Benefits information, please select a country from the drop-down below.

The pay and benefits information on this website applies to international locally-hired employees of The Boeing Company.

Note: The highlights below do not represent complete Boeing policy statements; the official policies, procedures, or plan documents should be consulted for complete information. In the event of a conflict between these highlights and the policies, procedures or plan documents, the text of those original documents will control in accordance with local laws. For employees covered by an individual employment contract or collective bargaining agreement, the applicable contract or agreement will take precedence over pay practice.

International Pay, Incentives and Recognition Overview

Boeing is committed to providing competitive pay programs for all its employees.

  • Base pay is dependent on the job assignment, relevant experience and applicable education, as well as performance and overall contribution. There are also performance-based incentive pay programs based on individual contributions and the Company's achievement of financial goals.
  • Employee Incentive Plan (EIP) is an annual performance-based incentive that provides cash bonuses of between 1 and 20 days of additional pay to eligible employees in the first quarter of the year if the company achieves and/or exceeds annual economic profit objectives the previous year. We all make decisions that affect the Company's revenues, costs and use of assets. The Boeing Employee Incentive Plan asks for employees' commitment to think and act like owners of the business—and gives them a direct stake in that success.
    • Targets are very demanding and track with our goal to provide total shareholder returns within the top quartile of S&P 500 companies.
    • Currently, the majority of Boeing's non-executive employees are eligible for EIP. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible only if the terms of the collective bargaining agreement provide for participation in the Boeing EIP.
  • Pay for Time Worked/Not Worked (International Pay Practices)
    Boeing believes that reasonable time away from the job is conducive to good health and well-being and is considered in the best interest of the employee and the Company. Holiday provisions to Boeing international locally-hired employees are governed by local laws and regulations of each particular country. It includes public holiday schedule for a calendar year, pay rates and overtime compensation for hours worked on a holiday. Other pay practices such as vacation entitlement, sick leave, overtime provisions, maternity leave, etc. are also provided to Boeing international employees according to local requirements and competitive market practice.
  • Boeing Recognition Program
    • Cash Awards support manager-initiated recognition of exceptional individual or team performance.
    • Service Awards provide the opportunity to express the company's appreciation to employees and acknowledge each person for his/her years of service. The program is designed to recognize the length of service of employees through personal acknowledgment by management and by offering employees a selection of awards for every 5 years of service.
    • Pride@Boeing provides recognition for employees' accomplishments that exceed job expectations. Non-monetary points are granted to employees and can be redeemed for a large selection of merchandise items.

International Benefits Overview

  • Health and Insurance Benefits
    Boeing recognizes that employees who are not distracted by health and financial worries are more effective on the job. Thus, Boeing strives to offer competitive employee benefit programs, which may include retirement, medical, life and disability insurance, business travel medical and accident protection in each local market. These offerings may be provided through a combination of global programs, local social systems, and supplemental group plans as appropriate, developed on a country-by-country basis.
  • Well-Being
    The Well-Being initiative is built on the belief that when people have access to reliable sources to assist them in making sound, proactive decisions about their health and well-being, they have a greater chance of successfully managing their personal issues and needs. As a result, they are able to enjoy life more and are generally more productive at work and at home. Through this initiative, a number of services are available to international locally-hired employees.
    • Well-Being News
      A monthly electronic newsletter called Well-Being News is available on the Well-Being Resource Center. Well-Being News offers authoritative health-related information and tips in a user-friendly format.
    • Quit For Life® tobacco cessation program
      Boeing's free and confidential tobacco cessation program, Quit For Life®, features telephone sessions with professional Quit Coaches®, web program integration, free nicotine replacement therapy products and support via "Weight Calls" to help employees manage their weight while quitting. Since 2002, the Quit For Life program has helped more than 4,000 Boeing employees quit all forms of tobacco.
    • Boeing On The Move physical activity challenge
      Boeing On The Move is a six-week physical activity challenge offered to all Boeing employees. Employees set goals for steps taken each day. Using pedometers, employees track the number of steps they take daily and input that information using an online tool. Activity other than walking counts too; employees can convert other types of physical activity such as swimming or cycling into steps using the online tool.
    • Online Health Assessment
      The Health Assessment is a confidential online tool that asks employees questions about their existing conditions, health behaviors and measured values (e.g., cholesterol, blood pressure, body weight, eating habits) and provides a personal action plan based on their answers. Taking the assessment is voluntary and confidential.
    • International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP)
      The International Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary, confidential, professional face-to-face consultation and counseling service available to employees and their eligible family members who are experiencing personal, emotional, family, couples, parenting or work-related problems. The counseling is short-term and solution focused. There is no cost and you get up to six sessions. The IEAP also can often help with referrals to community resources or to more specialized care. Current Boeing employees can get information by visiting on the company intranet or by calling the reverse charge number +44 20 8987 5966, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for immediate confidential help over the phone. For more details, click here.

At some Boeing international locations there may be local Well Being programs and other resources available. Employees should check with their local Human Resources focal for more information.

Educational Benefits and Opportunities

Boeing is committed to creating a global framework for developing people and strives to offer opportunities for learning and personal development.

  • Learning Together Program encourages employees to pursue education throughout their careers. The Learning Together Program provides tuition support at high quality schools for employees pursuing education programs and courses that enhance job performance and skills improvement.
  • Library and Learning Center Services offers search services such as access to books, journals, reports and databases. The Learning Center provides registration for courses, web-delivered training, certification training and video on demand.
  • Boeing Leadership Center, this center of excellence, located in St. Louis, is where our people from across the company come to learn, network and hone their leadership skills. Programs offered at the Boeing Leadership Center, as well as at regional locations around the world, help our leaders develop our most important resources—our people—and solve complex challenges facing our businesses.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information on this website, but in the event of a conflict between this overview and the official plan documents or policies, the terms of the plans and policies will control. The plans and policies are also subject to legal review requirements.

The Company intends to continue benefit plans; however, it reserves the right to change, modify, amend or discontinue them without prior notice, notwithstanding any person's acts, omissions or statement to the contrary in accordance with local laws.

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