Employee/Retiree Change of Address
  • Current Boeing employees:  Update home address in the employee portal or call TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016.
  • Retirees, former employees, beneficiaries and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs): Update home address as follows:

    • Call TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016. You will need to provide your BEMS ID* and TotalAccess password.
    • If you provide both your BEMS ID* and password, the TotalAccess Agent will update your home address for you.
    • If you do not have your BEMS ID* and password, you must complete and mail/fax a Home Address Change Form to TotalAccess.

      • Note: Once TotalAccess receives your completed Home Address Change Form, the TotalAccess Agent will update the home address for you. The TotalAccess Agent will also send a password mailer to your new address so you will have your TotalAccess password when contacting TotalAccess in the future.
  • Current and Former Jeppesen and Spectrolab employees: Call TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016.
  • Power of Attorneys (POA)/Guardians/Conservators must have an approved POA/Guardianship/Conservatorship document on file with Boeing to submit a home address change on behalf of the principal.

    • If you have an approved Power of Attorney/Guardianship/Conservatorship on file with Boeing, follow the same home address change instructions that are listed for Retirees/Former Employees/Beneficiaries/Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.
    • If you do not have an approved Power of Attorney/Guardianship/Conservatorship on file with Boeing yet, you must go to the Power of Attorney website (www.boeing.com/poa) and follow the guidelines for submitting a Power of Attorney/Guardianship/Conservatorship and Home Address Change Form

*BEMS ID is an identification number assigned by Boeing to use in place of your social security number. If you do not know your BEMS ID, you must contact TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016 and say "BEMS ID" when prompted.

NOTE: You can only record one home address with the company. That address is used for payroll purposes, company mailings, TotalAccess password mailings, and to determine tax location and benefits (if applicable). If you carry health insurance through Boeing, changing your home address to another state could alter the benefits.