Savings Plans

Savings Plans

Summary plan descriptions (SPD) are posted as they become available. The SPD for a Plan includes the applicable booklet and any associated Updates issued since its publication. In the booklet below, you will find the associated Updates, if any, at the end of the booklet. To request a printed copy, contact Boeing TotalAccess.

Adobe Reader may not display the SPD as a full page. You will be able to print the document or you can call Boeing TotalAccess and request a printed copy. We are working to resolve this issue.

Voluntary Investment Plan

Voluntary Investment Plan Prospectus

Important note: A letter explaining the employer matching contribution is considered part of the Voluntary Investment Plan summary plan description. To receive a copy of the letter, call the Boeing Retirement Service Center through Boeing TotalAccess, select savings, and follow the prompts to request a summary plan description; the letter will be included.

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