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Summary of Benefits When You Leave Boeing

Nonunion Employees (December 2014)

Employees represented by

Former BNA Hourly Unions

  • UAW 887 and 1519, IBPATA 36, IBCJA 721, IBEW 2295, and SMWIA 461 (See note below)
  • IBT 578 and 952 (See note below)

Former MDC Hourly East Unions (August 2014)
IAM 837, IBEW 1, IAFF I-66, IBT 6 and IBT 610

Former MDC Hourly West Unions

Boeing Unions

IAFF I-66; IAM 44, 86, and 2766; IBEW 271; IUOE 286 and 286W; and SPFPA 2 and 5 (See note below.)

SPEEA Professional and Technical Units and Pilots Association (May 2012)

Note: These summary documents are being updated. Until they are reposted, please contact Boeing TotalAccess if you have a question about benefits when you leave the Company.

Beneficiary Designation Change

Contact Boeing Total Access

Military Leave

When You Want to Know About Layoff Benefits

Same-Gender Domestic Partner Coverage

For information about same-gender domestic partner coverage, contact the Boeing Service Center for Health and Insurance Plans through Boeing TotalAccess.