Employee Assistance Program

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In terms of eligibility, the program differentiates between counseling and other services. See disclaimerNote.

Counseling Benefit

Detailed eligibility information is listed in the Summary Plan Description (SPD)--see Policy and Benefit Description. However, basic eligibility criteria is shown below. Note: "The Plan" refers to the SPD.


Generally, all Boeing employees and their dependents within the United States are eligible for the EAP counseling services. For employees and their families living outside the U.S., see International EAP

Your eligible dependents may be covered under the Plan if you are covered as an employee. The definition of eligible dependents under the Plan includes your legal spouse and children who are under age 25, unmarried, and dependent on you for principal support (including children who are attending school). These criteria apply to natural children, adopted children, children legally placed with you for adoption, stepchildren, and children who are related to you either directly or through marriage. There are also provisions for coverage of common-law spouses or same gender domestic partners. See Summary Plan Description.

Not Eligible :

You are not eligible for coverage under the Plan if you:

  • Are an employee of a covered subsidiary who resides outside the United States. See International EAP
  • Do not meet the eligibility requirements under the Plan.
  • Have had coverage terminated under the Plan or any other mental health benefit plan or program operated or administered by ValueOptions or any of its affiliates, if that termination was because of any reason described in "Other Termination Dates," in the SPD.
  • Work in a capacity that, at the sole discretion of the Plan Administrator, is considered contract labor or independent contracting.
  • Are a Retiree. Retirees are not eligible to participate in the EAP except under the COBRA provisions as outlined in the Employee Assistance Program Summary Plan Description.

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Every effort has been made to provide accurate information on this website. In the event of a conflict between this website and any of the summary plan descriptions or official plan documents, the terms of the plan will control. Copies of summary plan descriptions may be obtained by contacting the Boeing Service Center. The Boeing Company reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or terminate the plan at any time and for any reason for employees and their dependents.