Employee Assistance Program

Program Questions and Answers

Why does Boeing Support the EAP?

Boeing understands that the benefits of helping employees recognize and solve their personal problems is first and foremost in preserving the well being of the employee and maintaining a valuable, skilled and healthy work force. The EAP works with employees to help them understand problems, discusses options and recommends resources that can be very helpful.

Boeing recognizes there are workplace benefits from helping employees solve their personal problems. The Company also understands the importance of early detection and intervention. A problem detected in its early stages can be less expensive and easier to treat than one that is 'full blown'. Boeing maintains the companywide EAP to help employees (and in some cases family members) identify and manage these problems. The EAP is provided as a means to restore and retain valued employees who contribute to Boeing business goals and product quality. Employees who are taking care of themselves are better equipped to be productive and creative in the workplace as well as in their personal lives. The EAP is a win-win for everyone.