Employee Assistance Program

EAP Services: Counseling


The primary services provided by the EAP are counseling and referral. At one time or another, everyone confronts personal problems, either directly or indirectly. The EAP is prepared to assist you with any personal problems requiring outside help. Issues can range from minor to very serious, including:

  • Emotional problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Job related issues
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Balancing work and family
  • Marital problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Legal issues
  • Financial concerns

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The Counseling Service


Through the EAP, you can obtain confidential and voluntary assessment, counseling, and referral designed to help you and your family resolve personal problems. EAP counselors may provide brief counseling to help define the nature of the problem, develop an action plan, and if appropriate, refer you to an appropriate provider to help resolve the problem.

The Benefit

Generally, you and your eligible dependents each may receive from one to six sessions with an EAP counselor per problem, per calendar year at no cost. If the counselor determines that the issue cannot be resolved within six sessions, they will refer you to an external provider. While these external services are not covered by the EAP, they are often covered by Boeing medical plans.

Counselor Qualifications

All Plan counselors are experienced professionals who:

  • Hold a master's degree in behavioral sciences, counseling, social work, or a related field.
  • Have a minimum of five years postgraduate supervised clinical experience.
  • Are established in their geographic area for at least two years.
  • Understand the 12-step recovery process.
  • Have knowledge of mental health issues.
  • Are trained in assessment, referrals, and short-term therapy.

How Do I get Help

It's easy!

Counselors are available onsite at many Boeing locations and throughout the nation in your local communities. Depending on your worksite location, you may be able to choose either an onsite or offsite counselor.

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Generally, all Boeing employees and their dependents who reside in the United States are eligible for counseling Service. More detailed eligibility information is available in Program Questions and Answers.

Is the Service Confidential?

Yes. Your confidentiality is protected unless information is required by law to be disclosed or you authorize the release of information. See Program Questions and Answers for details.

Other Concerns & Questions:

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