Employee Assistance Program

International Employee Assistance Program

Who is eligible for services?

The International EAP service covers all U.S. employees currently on international assignment, and their accompanying dependents. It also covers international locally hired employees of The Boeing Company, and their eligible dependents (the spouse, cohabitating partner, or family members who reside with international locally hired employees in their home locations or who are financially dependent upon them).

Note: Eligible dependents of U.S. expatriates remaining in the U.S. should use the domestic EAP program.

Services Offered

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Boeing has contracted with Shepell-fgi, a premier international EAP company, to provide professional counseling and referral services to employees and their dependents worldwide, outside the United States and Canada. (If you are a Boeing employee inside the U.S., see How Can We Help: About the National EAP).


The primary services provided by the EAP are short-term professional counseling and referral. EAP offers one-to-six counseling sessions per problem, per year, for problems resolvable within that short term framework. Issues in need of longer term care will result in referrals for care which may be covered by the employee's medical benefit or local medical care plan.

At one time or another, everyone confronts personal problems, either directly or indirectly. The EAP is prepared to assist you with any personal problems requiring help, including:

  • Cultural transition issues
  • Couples, parenting, and family relationship issues
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Children left behind in boarding schools, or elderly parents in country of origin
  • School issues for relocated children
  • Relocation adjustment
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  • Repatriation
  • Other mental health concerns

Shepell-fgi has a vast network of counseling professionals worldwide, and multiple language capability. While they will make arrangements for your care by local professionals if possible and convenient, they also provide telephonic or other secure electronic counseling as an alternative. (Note: E-counseling option not available to international locally hired employees.)

Accessing Counseling Service:

To access Boeing's International EAP call Canada collect +1-905-270-7658. Professional counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Language assistance: If you need to communicate in a language other than English, the Shepell-fgi professional who answers your call will introduce a translator into the call within 25 seconds. You will then receive a call within 72 business hours from a counselor proficient in your local language who will initiate the counseling and arrange a first appointment. Alternatively, you can request a callback via the appropriate Shepell-fgi website below.

Online features


The International EAP provides a variety of helpful online features related to social, personal and family issues, including secure electronic counseling. (Note: E-counseling option not available to international locally hired employees.)

Note: You must obtain a user name and password to enter the sites below. You may obtain this user name and password by calling Canada collect at +1-905-270-7658, identifying yourself as a Boeing employee, and requesting the user name and password.

  • For Expatriates
    The Shepell-fgi website for Expatriates features content tailored for U.S. employees working abroad and their accompanying dependents. The instructions and link are on the Shepell-fgi website. (Eligible dependents remaining in the U.S. should use the domestic EAP program.)
  • For International Locally Hired Employees
    The Shepell-fgi website for International Locally Hired Employees features content tailored for employees and dependents who are local residents of the country in which the employee works (outside the U.S. and Canada). The instructions and link are on the Shepell-fgi website.

Program Questions & Answers

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