Employee Assistance Program

Benefit Description & Program Policy

Benefit Description

Some EAP services are ERISA designated benefits. The Summary Plan Description or SPD, describes The Boeing Company National Employee Assistance Plan for all U.S. Locations. The SPD includes detailed information about:

  • Eligibility and Enrollment for Employees and Dependents
  • Benefits & Covered Services & Exclusions
  • Claim and Eligibility Review and Appeal Procedures
  • Termination of Coverage and Continuation Coverage (COBRA)
  • Special Disclosure and Other General Plan Information

EAP Summary Plan Description 2005: All Locations (Acrobat PDF)

EAP Related Policy

The Employee Assistance Program is not itself directly covered by policy or procedure. However, the program is closely linked with several other programs including:

  • Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program: PRO-388
  • Threat Management: PRO-1870
  • Medical Services for International Assignments: PRO-1036
  • Fitness for Duty: RF-020M

For assistance with policy or administrative issues, contact the program management team