Dividend Reinvestment and Optional Cash Purchase Plan

The Boeing Company offers a Dividend Reinvestment and Optional Cash Purchase Plan administered by Boeing's transfer agent, Computershare ("Computershare Plan") for shareholders of record. In order to participate, you must make your initial purchase through a broker. Your broker can then transfer the shares to you, so that the stock will be held in your name, as opposed to the broker's name. Your broker can provide you with the details regarding the transfer process. After the stock is transferred to your name, an account will be established for you at Computershare. Under the Computershare Plan, you are eligible to participate in Dividend Reinvestment only if you own 50 or more shares. If you hold less than 50 shares, dividend checks will be sent to you through the mail or, you can receive your dividend checks faster by choosing Direct Deposit of Dividend Checks. If you elect to reinvest your dividends, you may also make "optional cash investments" (minimum of $50.00). Or, under the Computershare Plan, you can make "optional cash investments" without reinvesting dividends if you own one or more shares.

To obtain more information about the Computershare Plan or to enroll in Direct Deposit of your dividends, please call Computershare's toll-free customer services number at: 888-777-0923 or access Computershare Investor Services.

If your shares are held in "street name" (for example with a stock broker or a mutual fund), please note that you may participate in dividend reinvestment directly through your broker, however, you are not eligible to make "optional payments" to purchase additional shares under the Computershare Plan unless you are a registered holder with an account at Computershare