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C-32A Executive Transport

SEATTLE, Oct. 20, 1997 - Boeing factory workers in Renton, Wash., recently joined the forward and aft fuselage sections to the mid-fuselage/wing section for the first C-32A executive transport for the U.S. Air Force. The aft fuselage is shown here being lowered into position by an overhead crane. This is the first of four C-32As, which are modified Boeing 757-200s, Boeing is building to replace the Air Force's aging fleet of VC-137s. The airplanes will carry cabinet members of the executive branch, the U.S. vice president and members of the U.S. Congress when they travel on government business. The C-32A is the first Air Force program to use exclusively commercial acquisition practices for an aircraft. The first two C-32As will be delivered to 89th Airlift Wing based at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., early next year.

Boeing Begins Final Assembly of C-32A Executive Transport