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2007-04-17--This image of NEXTSat was captured by ASTRO's Visible Sensor 2 on April 17, during Scenario 1-1. Note the battery Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU) in place on NEXTSat (large box on the left side of the image). The Battery ORU was transferred from ASTRO to NEXTSat during Scenario 0 on April 6th. To the right of the battery is the Vis-STAR target plate, which will be used by ASTRO's imaging sensors as an aid for precision capture during future unmated operations. The bottom center of the image shows the top of the passive side of the capture mechanism, which was successfully reengaged by ASTRO at the conclusion of Scenario 1-1.

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Image of NextSat captured by ASTRO's Visible Sensor 2