Directed Energy Systems


High Energy Laser Technology DemonstratorThe Directed Energy Systems (DES) unit of Boeing Strategic Missile and Defense Systems is developing systems to address multiple defense needs and customers.

Among key DES programs are the High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator, funded by the U.S. Army; the Free Electron Laser and the Mk 38 Tactical Laser System, commissioned by the U.S. Navy; and the Tactical Relay Mirror System, being developed for the Air Force and the Office of the Secretary of Defense/Director of Defense Research and Engineering.

Boeing is investing its own money in several efforts that promise to equip the warfighter with directed energy capability. These efforts include the Boeing Acquisition Tracking and Pointing (ATP) System, which is capable of handling low- and mid-power laser systems. ATP provides a tailored, integrated, and cost-effective solution for both homeland security and force protection. Mounted on the currently deployed Avenger platform, the laser system can provide options for lethal and non-lethal weapons to counter both air and ground threats.

For more information, read the Directed Energy Systems (DES) (PDF) overview.

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