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C-17 and crowdMedia Statement - June, 2011

We will continue to work with the Congress and the administration on ways to preserve the C-17, which is a critical defense production capability. The C-17 is the gold standard for reliability and value with years of on time deliveries all the while expanding aircraft operational capabilities and reducing production costs. The C-17 is vital to supporting our troops in battle and alleviating suffering in humanitarian crises. We continue to see strong interest in the C-17 from U.S. allies that are hoping to fill their growing global airlift needs. New opportunities in the international market underscore the blend of value and capabilities, including aeromedical evacuation, that make the C-17 unique among heavy lift aircraft. Continuing production of the C-17 will certainly provide a major boost to our U.S. economy at a critical time and preserve highly skilled aerospace industry jobs across the country.

Program status as of May, 2011

  • Boeing has delivered 210 C-17s to the U.S. Air Force.
  • There are 22 C-17 aircraft internationally -- 4 to Australia, 4 to Canada, 7 to the U.K., 3 to the NATO-led Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) consortium, 2 to Qatar, and 2 to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Boeing has delivered a total of 232 C-17s worldwide.

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