C-17 Globemaster III

Technical Specifications

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The C-17 Globemaster III is a high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport.
Wingspan to winglet tip 169.8 feet (51.74 m)
Length 174 feet (53.04 m)
Height at tail 55.1 feet (16.79 m)
Fuselage diameter 22.5 feet (6.86 m)
Four Pratt & Whitney PW2040 (military designation F117-PW-100) 40,440 pounds thrust each
Cargo compartment crew One loadmaster
Cargo floor length 68.2 feet (20.78 m)
Ramp length 21.4 feet (6.52 m) structural length
Loadable width 18 feet (5.49 m)
Loadable height (under wing) 12.3 feet (3.76m)
Loadable height (aft of wing) 14.8 feet (4.50m)
Ramp to ground angle 9 degrees
Ramp capacity 40,000 lbs. (18,144 kg)
Aerial delivery system capacity
Pallets Eleven 463L pallets (including 2 on ramp)
Single load airdrop 60,000 pound platform (27,216 kg)
Sequential loads airdrop 110,000 pounds (49,895 kg)
(60 feet of platforms) (18.29 m)
Logistic rail system capacity Eighteen 463L pallets (including 4 on ramp)
Dual-row airdrop system Up to eight 18 foot platforms or 12 463L pallets
Combat offload All pallets from ADS or logistic rail systems
Sidewall (permanently installed) 54 (27 each side, 18 inches wide, 24 inch spacing center to center)
Centerline (stored on board) 48 (in sets of six back-to-back, 8 sets)
Palletized (10-passenger pallets) 80 on 8 pallets, plus 54 passengers on sidewall seats
Litter stations (onboard) Three (3 litters each)
Litter stations (additional kit) Nine
Total capability (contingency) 36 litters and 54 ambulatory
Flight crew 2 pilots
Observer positions 2
Instrument displays 2 full-time all-function head-up displays (HUD),
4 multi-function active matrix liquid crystal displays
Navigation system Digital electronics
Communication Integrated radio management system with communications system open architecture (COSA)
Flight controls system Quadruple-redundant electronic flight control with mechanical backup system
Area 3,800 sq. ft. (353.03 sq. m)
Aspect Radio 7.165
Wing sweep angle 25 degrees
Airfoil type Supercritical
Flaps Fixed-vane, double-slotted, simple-hinged
Height 8.92 feet (2.72 m)
Span 9.21 feet (2.81 m)
Area 35.85 sq. ft. (3.33 m)
Sweep 30 degrees
Angle 15 degrees from vertical
Area 845 sq. ft. (78.50 sq. m)
Span 65 feet (19.81 m)
Aspect ratio 5.0
Sweep 27 degrees
Main, type Triple Tandem
Width (outside to outside) 33.7 feet (10.26 m)
Tires 50x21-20
Nose, type Single strut, steerable with dual wheels
Tires 40 x 16 - 14
Wheelbase 65.8 feet (20.06 m)