Globemaster III Today

C-17 Globemaster III: Ready to serve anytime, anywhere

Medical airlift onboard C-17 Million Hour mission. (Neg#: SLF06-00229-065)

Low Risk, Proven Performance


  • 216 Aircraft at 12 Bases (US)
  • 8 Aircraft at Brize Norton (UK)
  • 5 Aircraft at Amberley (Australia)
  • 4 Aircraft at Trenton (Canada)
  • 3 NATO/SAC Nations (Papa AB, Hungary)
  • 2 Qatar
  • 5 United Arab Emirates


  • Excellent Quality
  • Ahead of Schedule
  • On Price
  • 223 Aircraft USAF Program

A High-Performance Program

More than 2 million flight hours

  • The C-17 has proven in-service operational utility, performance, versatility, and reliability.
  • Aircraft possesses true Tactical and Strategic Capability.
  • The support infrastructure for the C-17 is in operation worldwide.
  • Participation in the C-17 Global Support Program provides for significant cost savings vs. traditional organic support.
  • Provides rapid response capability for relief missions anywhere in the world.
  • Aircraft is Available Now -- No Development Risk
  • C-17 Returns the Best Value for the Money.

Additional Information

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