E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post

E-4B The E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post is designed to be used by the National Command Authority as a survivable command post for control of U.S. forces in all levels of conflict including nuclear war. In addition to its primary mission, secondary missions assigned to the E-4B include VIP travel support and Federal Emergency Management Agency support, which provides communications to relief efforts following natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Boeing supported the E-4B fleet of four modified Boeing 747 aircraft for 25 years in the areas of Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), engineering services and technical order support.

Providing Contractor Logistics Support

The CLS includes spares configuration management; identifying spare parts requirements; procuring spares; repairing failed spares and equipment; operating the Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply (COMBS); providing technical assistance and training by on-site Boeing field service personnel; accomplishing programmed depot maintenance and strip and paint; and depot level service bulletin/technical order accomplishment. This support assures that the basic aircraft and on-board command, control and communications systems are ready to support the U. S. Air Force operational needs. The contract goal for mission capable spares is 98 percent. The cumulative total over 25 years has never been below 99 percent.

Engineering Services Support

Engineering Services Support consists of Boeing and vendor service bulletin reviews and recommendations for compliance, development and upkeep of aircraft maintenance plans, 747 fleet wide in-service activity data review, E-4B master drawing and data file maintenance, operational problem resolution support, in-flight emergencies consultation, accident/incident investigations, configuration tracking and responses to customer and user inquiries.

In addition, Boeing performs a variety of specialized tasks including developing airframe and electronic system enhancements and development of new communications system improvements utilizing the Air Force System Integration Laboratory.

Technical Order Sustaining Support

Technical Order Sustaining Support is being provided for both commercial format and MIL-SPEC format technical manuals used to operate and maintain the E-4B aircraft. All major volume manuals are produced by computer methods that provide the Air Force with high quality, low cost technical data.